Bail Bond Appraisals in Rockland County

Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds Appraisals in Rockland County are appraisals used as the collateral for bails and/or bonds. In detail, real estate property valuation in Rockland, a practice in which the market value of the real property is determined, involves family homes, newly constructed houses, condos, commercial properties and sometimes even vacant land. The market value set in an appraisal is the highest value of the stated property. Appraisals are important in real estate transactions because each property is uniquely located.

Like many other appraisals, bail bond appraisals involves a physical inspection of the real property then followed by a report compilation. The report for a bail bond appraisal may be a short report, that is brief and take short time to complete or a long narrative report that are detailed and take longer to compile. The report that is attained from the appraisal can be used in stating the price at which real property would be best sold. Moreover, the valuation can be important when used as collateral for loans, bails and immigration bonds and also in settling of divorces.

The major role of bail bond appraisals is that they are mainly used to ensure that families keep their loved ones from jail or custody even when they are not able to raise the required posted bail amount. These appraisals are highly time conscious and family-oriented. They should be developed in the shortest time frame possible, keeping in mind high accuracy and precision. When a short period of time is used on the appraisal, a family is able to settle the bail with ease. Precision (the best market value) is important to convince a judge not to deny the bail.

At Rockland County, determining bail bond appraisal can be highly tasking. It is crucial to involve highly effective bail bond appraisers. Like in other parts of the USA, in Rockland County, all appraisers are regulated by the state using the Appraisal Standard Board( ASB). For bail bond appraisals, the appraiser should be willing to prioritize a client’s bail bond appraisal, due to its urgency, and maintain a high level of both confidentiality and professionalism. It is important, therefore, to carry out a bit of research on the available appraisers around Rockland that carry out the bail bond appraisal service. The qualifications of an appraiser highly determine the quality and the reliability of the appraisal.

Finally, it is important to understand that each bail bond appraisal service in Rockland comes at a cost. Most appraisers will charge an extra cost for a time relevant service as the bail bond appraisal.

Our Senior Appraiser, John Callanan, has extensive experience in working with local bail bond companies as well as a large number of local Law Firms when it comes to bail bond proceedings.

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