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Divorce – a highly painful moment – has to be handled very delicately, especially the settlements, which are expected to be handled by the highly professional and experienced stalwarts who are capable in getting the justifiable response in the court of law. We, The Rockland Divorce Appraisals, headed by John Callanan (Sr. Appraiser), is one such name, carrying more than a whooping 30 years of experience especially dealing with arbitrators and lawyers. With years of our dedicated services we are proud to confess that we have gained such goodwill, wherein, whoever is involved in the entire divorce process has 100% faith on our property valuations and estimates.
The most important fact, in this moment is to estimate the equitable market value of the property possessed by both the parties. The property could either be commercial or residential, valuation of the same should be agreeable to both the parties.

It is an untold truth that any divorce is a dejected moment. The mental strain is undoubtedly on both the parties. But we, at the Rockland Divorce Appraisals work without any pressure. Why? Because it is our day-to-day job, which we are successfully doing that gives a vote of confidence to both the parties, especially with respect to the property valuation. Following are the main reasons why we are the most preferred appraisals –
1. Unbiased, independent, courteous and completely unprejudiced real estate valuation of the appraisals.
2. Unmatched professionalism and heavy experience in appraisals that hold very strongly in the court of law.
3. We are capable of reviewing on the appraisals presented by the other party, with a high accuracy.
4. We adhere to the principle of least processing lead time, work in all the legal standards with an implied assurance of secrecy and confidentiality of our client.
5. Our communication with the client and in the court is very strong, which helps in the most amicable settlement giving the utmost satisfaction to both the parties.

If you are in search of the best divorce appraisal, which is fit to shoulder you one-to-one in the court of law, against any opponents’ appraisal, then you can be rest assured with the Rockland Divorce Appraisals, who will never let you down! We understand the importance and sensitivity of these conjugal prosecutions in depth! Do call us without hesitation, with your questions. Our amicable team will be always ready to give you the appropriate answer/solution.

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